Your perceptions about exam

Your perceptions about exam

What influence Social Media has on your Civil Services Examination preparation and how much you should bear?

On Sunday 19th March 2017  

Lots of candidates think and say that the influence of social media has made ‘Civil Services Examination’ preparation quite easy.

As per their views for success in Civil Services Examination, all you need is reading about toppers’ success, just follow their blogs and watch the videos uploaded on YouTube and get the preparation-plan, start action and next year, find yourself in select club of candidates who occupy the place in merit-list.

Is it so easy?

Last Update Wednesday 7th March 2018

In ‘First attempt’ set your eyes on top ranks that ensures post of ‘IAS’?

On Sunday 29th March 2015  

For all aspirants appearing for the first time in Civil Services Examination or planning to take a plunge in coming year/s there is a little spark ‘can I do it in first attempt’? There is nothing wrong in it, if you think so; aim big and while making efforts, you need to be optimistic. Each year, we come across number of such success-stories who accomplish the task in style in very first encounter.

Last Update Thursday 2nd April 2015

What is so special that makes one top the Civil Services Examination?

On Thursday 4th October 2012  Look at the toppers and those who make it to career of their choice; they are common person as you and your fellow friends are.
Last Update Thursday 4th October 2012

CSE 2011: Justify your decision that requires ambition and skills

On Friday 7th January 2011  The Civil Services Examination preparation unites a host of fascinating hitches. You have to understand the requirements and the reason for the modification the examination has undergone.
Last Update Friday 7th January 2011

Civil Services Examination: Am I capable of achieving this?

On Friday 10th December 2010  "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" said President Roosevelt. Why some doubts? Where is the scope for being skeptical about your chances? You are the best judge and recognize your strengths and weaknesses.
Last Update Friday 10th December 2010

When to start thinking about ‘Civil Services Examination’

On Friday 1st January 2010  Our education system is such were most of the aspirants choose subjects during graduation without giving a thought on future career planning.
Last Update Friday 1st January 2010


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