IAS Prep: What all it requires?

What all it requires?

Sometimes you need little help to clear suspicion about success in Civil Services Examination

On Saturday 18th March 2017  

Everyone talks about setting career dreams early in life and making efforts to realize these.

But, usually as it happen, in the beginning or may be in the midst of preparation, many candidates surround themselves with some doubts about success. To overcome such situations, one need little help to clear suspicion about success. 

For budding Civil Services Examination aspirant, to make their endeavor meaningful, some useful insights came from Tina Dabi (AIR 1; CSE 2015) who acknowledged that her mother charted her success path and helped her undertake few steps that made her capable to realize her dreams.

Last Update Saturday 18th March 2017

At what stage, should one start preparing seriously about Civil Services Examination?

On Wednesday 25th March 2015  

The aim is achieving success and that requires you to deliver your best performance. It is up to you to decide when you wish to appear in examination and how much time you will take to reach the level this examination requires.

Last Update Thursday 26th March 2015

IAS Preparation – How well have you defined your goal?

On Friday 13th December 2013  

‘Mother of all Exams’ as it is called; Civil Services Examination is in league of its own. With gradual changes introduced in 2011 at Preliminary Examination level and in 2013 new format for Main Examination has forced the candidates to adopt a fresh approach for preparation.

Last Update Monday 16th March 2015

A beginner’s guide to new scheme for Civil Services Examination 2013

On Wednesday 27th March 2013  UPSC has moved on some expected lines as some large-scale changes have come; but, had to retreat a little by removing newly-added ‘English’ paper and some other finer points relating to medium of writing examination and taking literature of languages as optional subjects etc.
Last Update Wednesday 27th March 2013

Civil Services Examination: Childhood dream deserves serious attempt

On Thursday 24th May 2012  In the society we live in, almost grow up with dream to become IAS. Even, every parent wishes to see their kids to be successful in life and want to see them become IAS officers when they grow.
Last Update Thursday 24th May 2012

Preparation-Plan requires a rational assessment about your seriousness towards ultimate goal

On Sunday 8th January 2012  If you have plans to appear in CSE 2012, you have limited days in your hand and a reverse counting of days left will remind you about the challenge.
Last Update Sunday 8th January 2012

Add new dimensions to your preparations

On Friday 23rd December 2011  Once you prepare yourself in a nice way, you will have all the time before examination to do some intelligent guesswork and reap the benefit.
Last Update Friday 23rd December 2011

New Dynamism in Civil Services

On Sunday 24th April 2011  UPSC conducts ‘Civil Services Examination’ every year to select and recommend meritorious, open, approachable and professionally oriented candidates who can voice their opinion and are quick to respond thus would be able to do justice with the evolving requirements of new-age Civil Servants.
Last Update Sunday 24th April 2011