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‘Luck’ does play a role; but, only a little

On Thursday 28th November 2013  

Success in Civil Services Examination is not child’s play. It is the unpredictable nature of this examination that gives a feel that luck plays a major role.

Last Update Thursday 25th April 2019

Current affairs resource for IAS Preparation: Newspapers & Magazines

On Monday 1st April 2013  

With new pattern in place both for Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination (2011) as well as Civil Services (Main) Examination (2013), UPSC has given it a completely new look and it has been dynamically redefined. To counter the challenges you need resource for covering Current Affairs and Contemporary developments.

Last Update Tuesday 19th July 2016

Civil Services Examination: What is adequate time duration for an effective preparation?

On Saturday 16th January 2010  

So, approx. from 1 year to 3 years time period is required for sound preparation. An important thing to remember is that to succeed and even to survive this long selection process, in addition to talent you need strong will power and commitment.

Last Update Thursday 7th July 2016

IAS Study Plan - How much is enough?

On Saturday 16th January 2010  

The answer to this query lies in your effective preparation through extensive study with a view to cover the overall perceptive and by considering complete details including the minute ones.

Last Update Thursday 7th July 2016

CSE 2013: A special message to Hindi/vernacular medium candidates

On Tuesday 12th March 2013  

Hindi/vernacular medium candidates are no less than their English medium counterparts.I strongly feel that they need to concentrate on emerging requirements seriously and should have faith on their capabilities.

Last Update Wednesday 6th July 2016

Civil Services Exam: Medium (Language) of writing examination

On Saturday 2nd May 2015  

As one begin preparation, among lots of reservations, one of the important question comes to mind is about medium (language) preference for writing examination. This question has become more prominent in recent years as the result of Hindi/vernacular medium candidates has gone down drastically which has once again sparked fear and apprehensions among many Hindi/vernacular medium candidates.

Last Update Friday 8th April 2016

How effective are the guide-books available in market for CSE

On Tuesday 20th November 2012  

Big examination like Civil Service Examination offer huge opportunity for many publishers to come out with tailored content to meet the demands as per syllabus. In absence of awareness and right guidance, a lot of candidates particularly the beginners look for such books with an aim to cover the syllabus effectively.

Last Update Saturday 28th March 2015

Civil Services Examination is where you learn from experiences of others

On Wednesday 20th July 2011  

You should always note down and make a data base of the references to which you can turn up to if you need support and assistance. If you do so it is fine but if you don’t start it immediately.

Last Update Saturday 28th March 2015

Civil Service Examination Preparation Strategy: Long-term Planning

On Sunday 12th August 2012  

It is tough; no doubt about that. Hope some of the suggestions in this Long-term planning would help the candidates to plan out a strategy of their own who are planning to take a plunge. Instead of trying, gaining awareness by taking 1-2 attempts, prepare meticulously so that you achieve success in your first attempt and that too with high ranks.

Last Update Sunday 15th March 2015

Civil Service Examination Preparation Strategy: Short-term Planning

On Sunday 12th August 2012  

Some candidates look at this examination with a plan to get awareness whereas there are some talented, capable candidates who start a little late due to some reasons still, put in hard work and dedicate fully towards preparation. Hope some of the suggestions in this Short-term planning would help these candidates to plan out a strategy of their own.

Last Update Sunday 15th March 2015

New format for Civil Services Examination 2013: why candidates are tense?

On Sunday 17th March 2013  The changes introduced for Civil Services (Main) Examination in recently released notification have invited fresh troubles. As such the notification got delayed by almost a month and when it seemed that everything is set, some issues have once again left the candidates concerned.
Last Update Sunday 17th March 2013

Civil Services Examination: What is the Secrets of Success

On Sunday 24th April 2011  For each candidate, the most important thing to start preparation is to look for a strategy that helps in performance and desired success in Civil Services Examination. Following are few points which can help you in formulating a strategy and tips that will be useful all through-out you prearation.
Last Update Sunday 24th April 2011


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