Update Yourself - Preliminary Examination General Studies Paper 1 Analysis (2011-2019)

General Studies Paper 1 Analysis Preliminary Examination 2019

On Wednesday 5th June 2019  

Preliminary Examination 2019 General Studies Paper 1 was held on June 2, 2019 in first shift.

As usual, it had 100 questions with difficulty level going little up and majority of questions were more interesting and stimulating as these have taken Prelims 2019 to a new level. 


Last Update Sunday 23rd June 2019

Prelims 2017 General Studies Paper I - With equanimity, worthy candidates would move to next level

On Sunday 18th June 2017  

Prelims General Studies Paper I again had 100 questions and current affairs again ruled this paper. Lots of questions from Polity and Ecology and environment.

A well-balanced question paper with innovative approach UPSC has been exhibiting in recent years.

Last Update Sunday 3rd June 2018

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2018; UPSC continue to exhibit an insatiable thirst for quality

On Sunday 3rd June 2018  

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2018 staged on June 3, 2018 General Studies Paper I has been on target to serve the objective.

It has been again a very creative and innovative paper and contained 100 Question. It continues to be a pressure game.

It is a paper for survivors only and those who are well prepared with sturdy mindset would have come out smiling.

Last Update Sunday 3rd June 2018

Preliminary Examination 2018: Will difficulty level go up this time?

On Thursday 8th June 2017  

It is routine that candidates preparing for Civil Services Examination explore the possible changes the coming examination can throw.

I don’t know will the difficulty level go up or not but, one thing is sure, as usual, that it is going to be tricky.

Last Update Wednesday 7th March 2018

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2016 General Studies Paper 1: UPSC tilts focus towards current affairs

On Sunday 7th August 2016  

A new trend is visible and the question paper is dynamic in nature.

While facing Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2016 General Studies Paper 1, Current Affairs preparation and awareness pertaining to contemporary developments would have given natural clue and candidates would have found it easier to either eliminate wrong options or would have made educated guess at ease.

Last Update Sunday 7th August 2016

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2015: UPSC maintains creative and innovative touch in Paper 1 (General Studies)

On Sunday 23rd August 2015  

The Preliminary Examination 2015 Paper 1 (General Studies) in first look gives an impression more of factual inclination and real test of your information relating to contemporary developments and awareness.

Last Update Sunday 23rd August 2015

Prelims 2013: analysis of Paper I; UPSC delivers another surprise again

On Sunday 26th May 2013  The Paper I (General Studies) of Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination has the similar number of questions 100 that it had on earlier two occasions. This time the General Studies Paper gives a total traditional feel and a lot of candidates found it relatively easier than previous papers in last two years.
Last Update Sunday 26th May 2013

Prelims 2012: Analysis of Paper I (General Studies)… a striking piece of work

On Sunday 20th May 2012  Talking on toughness level – it gives an impression that UPSC has preferred to keep it more or less same as was last year. To some it appeared comparatively easy; for others it was on identical lines.
Last Update Sunday 20th May 2012

Preliminary Examination 2011: Analysis of Paper I; No Big Surprises

On Sunday 12th June 2011  What a beautiful piece of work UPSC has brought and the standard to the paper is that matches level of Civil Services Examination.
Last Update Sunday 12th June 2011


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