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Main Examination 2013: ensure what UPSC wants you to do

Atul Kapoor
4th August 2013 IST

For those fortunate candidates who found their roll numbers in the list of successful candidates a big opportunity awaits them. For some, it may be well deserved berth, for some it may be surprise. There would be many who could not clear the benchmark and would be busy in introspection.

Till you knew your Prelims result, you were just experimenting or were clear about the new format for Main Examination; only God knows or you know better.

But, now stage is set and you have limited time to prepare for Main Examination 2013. General Studies – four papers with Essay paper having bigger weight and ‘One’ optional that means you need a delicate balance while preparation for this major event.

Comparing Preliminary Examination, you have a reduced competition at this stage as roughly one out of six would get opportunity to reach next level – Interview (Personality Test). But, don’t take it lightly, you are to face stiff competition as your fellow candidates are equally serious and understand the worth of reaching Main Examination.

As it happens, a lot of candidates focusing only on Preliminary Examination requirements gets opportunity to move to next stage, these candidates find it really difficult to manage the Main Examination related requirements in less than 4 months’ time they get after Preliminary Examination result is announced. However, some brilliant candidates swiftly adapt and make extra-ordinary efforts to turn the fortunes in their favour.

For serious candidates who adopt integrated approach for preparation, this is opportunity to show brilliance as they have a competitive edge over such candidates who just go on board and commence Main Examination preparation after knowing their Preliminary Examination result.

Whatever the stage of preparedness may be; a disciplined, committed and meaningful attempt is all we expect from you. Understand the new format for Main Examination and UPSC’s intent and move ahead with simple, sure and steady steps without getting confused.

The Main Examination is both challenging and demanding for the candidates as some radical changes have come in and the transformed dynamics with respect to marks attached to four papers of General Studies would entail a fresh approach, impeccable planning and a perfect execution.

I know it is easy to say but, when it comes to practically face the situation it is not that easy. Nonetheless, you should not forget it is a competitive examination where you have to outsmart others and all you require is to demonstrate your commitment towards the ultimate goal.

So, focus your attention on the target, manage your time well and prepare yourself to face the Main Examination confidently.

All the best!

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