Budding Civil Servants Zone

Budding Civil Servants Zone

IAS 2020: Accept the challenge and make sincere efforts by giving your best

On Wednesday 3rd October 2018  

Success in Civil Services Examination is not limited to a few who have ‘Midas Touch’; you too can perform well and secure a bright future by getting top ranks that ensure career in coveted ‘Indian Administrative Service’

When you look at achievers, it is their hard work and perseverance that reflects in their success. This examination has never been effortless or straightforward for any candidate; their belief in self and focused approach helps them in finding a place in the merit-list.

Last Update Sunday 29th March 2020

Are you eyeing top rank in first attempt that ensures post of ‘IAS’?

On Tuesday 5th June 2018  

It was success of Govind Jaiswal (AIR 46; CSE 2007), Simrandeep Singh (AIR 52; CSE 2007), Shah Faesal (AIR 1; CSE 2009) that made candidates believe that success in top ranks is possible in first attempt; and after that, if we look at the recent result of Tina Dabi (AIR 1; CSE 2015), Anmol Sher Singh Bedi (AIR 2; CSE 2016) and many such candidates have made situation euphoric.

Continuing the trend, in the latest Civil Services Examination 2017 results, Koya Sree Harsha (AIR 6; CSE 2017), Saumya Sharma (AIR 9; CSE 2017), Chavan Suyash Yashwantrao (AIR 56; CSE 2017)Himanshu Kaushik (AIR 77; CSE 2017) and many more candidates have realized their dreams it the first encounter itself.

Last Update Saturday 9th February 2019

Civil Services Examination: Take advantage of Peer Group to evaluate your performance

On Tuesday 5th July 2016  

When we create a list of the most useful technique for effective learning and improving memory ‘Group Study’ is an effective tool to prepare for Civil Services Examination.

Last Update Wednesday 4th April 2018

Making study-group is not difficult; look around for high calibre, talented candidates

On Tuesday 24th March 2015  

Having a group of good friends has always been a boon for candidates preparing for Civil Service Examination.

In uncertain times, when there is confusion around, if you are able to find a group of candidates seriously preparing for coming examination, it will stumble on resolutions, help you sticking to study-plan and will keep you motivated.

Last Update Thursday 7th July 2016

Stuck somewhere; openly discuss your problems with your friends

On Wednesday 20th July 2011  

While interviewing Shiv Sahay Awasthi (Rank 34, CSE 2010) I found how a group of friends help each other while preparing and extend helping hand.

Last Update Thursday 7th July 2016

Aiming Civil Services Examination: How to prepare current affairs?

On Wednesday 7th March 2018  

The dynamic approach adopted by UPSC and the recent drift towards the currents has made the task more challenging for the candidates.

Looking at the questions being asked in Preliminary and in Main Examination, it is not easy to find the accurate source in guide-books or out-of-date notes.

So, you need to be careful and should use newspapers, authentic stuff from government websites and updated study material for preparing Current Affairs.


Last Update Thursday 8th March 2018

For a beginner, how to read a Newspaper, which areas to concentrate more?

On Wednesday 7th March 2018  

For a beginner, it is better to read print edition of any good national daily. By scanning headings in print edition, you can manage things in lesser time.


Last Update Wednesday 7th March 2018

Current affairs resource for IAS Preparation: Newspapers, Internet & Magazines

On Tuesday 19th July 2016  

Now, UPSC has given Civil Services Examination a completely new look and it has been dynamically redefined.

To counter the challenges you need resource for covering Current Affairs and Contemporary developments.

Last Update Friday 2nd March 2018

How to make best use of Newspaper from CSE preparation standpoint

On Thursday 22nd December 2011  

Diligent reading of newspapers is going to help you in General Studies (Prelims as well as in Mains), some optional subjects which are dynamic in nature, in writing essay and in interview as well.

Last Update Friday 27th March 2015

Making self-notes by reading newspaper/magazines

On Sunday 15th April 2012  

The current affairs preparation is typical as only factual information is not enough. You should be clear about the major issues/stories and how they developed over the course of time and inter-related opinion/views of the persons concerned.

Last Update Friday 27th March 2015

Newspapers & Magazines for current affairs coverage

On Friday 30th December 2011  

Civil Services Examination has become creative and innovative so, prepare it well to face the challenges this exam throws. Be it Preliminary or Main Examination (Written & interview), importance of Current Affairs and Contemporary Developments cannot be ignored.

Last Update Friday 27th March 2015

IAS Preparation: How Effective are the Guide-Books available in market

On Saturday 28th March 2015  

Big examination like Civil Service Examination offer huge opportunity for many publishers to come out with tailored content to meet the demands as per syllabus.

In absence of awareness and right guidance, a lot of candidates particularly the beginners look for such books and other study-material with an aim to cover the syllabus effectively.

Last Update Sunday 21st October 2018

IAS Study Plan - How much is enough?

On Thursday 7th July 2016  

The answer to this query lies in your effective preparation through extensive study with a view to cover the overall perceptive and by considering complete details including the minute ones.

Last Update Thursday 7th July 2016

IAS Preparation: Harness the strength of Internet for your benefit

On Sunday 18th November 2012  

In past few years, a lot of IAS toppers talked about the benefit from internet while preparing for Civil Service Examination; success of Shah Faesal (AIR 1, CSE 2009) in first attempt and his candid acceptance with reference to role of internet in preparation generated a great interest among IAS aspirants.

Last Update Friday 27th March 2015

NCERT BOOKS are a must for CSE preparation; But how to manage such work load?

On Sunday 8th January 2012  

Reading NCERT books from 6th to 12 standards is not a small task as you have 6-7 subjects, which mean more than 40 books which you are supposed to mug up before you start serious preparation.

Last Update Friday 27th March 2015


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