Budding Civil Servants Zone

Budding Civil Servants Zone

Explore if Civil Services Examination is the most suitable option as your ‘Career Choice’

On Saturday 25th March 2017  

As hunt for career exploration begins, you have array of options available and from there you shortlist some jobs as career options.

Before you commit yourself for Civil Services Examination, you need to do little research and accordingly set time deadlines and define outcome.

If you don’t set Goals; you efforts will be without direction and it may take a long time before you really know the path you traverse will take you to the desired destination or not.

Last Update Saturday 25th March 2017

IAS preparation: In the beginning, self-assessment is must

On Monday 9th December 2013  

From the day one, you need to have a strategy; take your own time for groundwork to reach the level of the examination and only after that you should take first attempt with proper planning and preparation to realize your dream or at least establish that this is within your reach or not.

Last Update Wednesday 27th July 2016

Career in ‘IAS’: Dream to Achieve

On Thursday 26th March 2015  

For most of the candidates, it is elusive and search is on to find suitable strategies that help them succeed. For some, desired success comes in first attempt and some after consuming four attempts, it remains a mystery. So, the best strategy is to understand the complete exam-related requirements and accordingly prepare for putting-up a decent show.

Last Update Sunday 12th April 2015

Career in ‘Civil Services’ – Should I go ahead, or settle for something else?

On Thursday 26th March 2015  

Generally speaking, young generation is exposed to a traditional mind-set and when it comes to decide about ‘Career Choice’ lots of factors come in to play. In majority of cases, first preference is to get a start and at that point of time, only the most popular career choices surround the mind and in such circumstances, dreams take a back seat.

Last Update Thursday 2nd April 2015

Civil Services Exam: 3 Questions aspirants should ask before serious preparation

On Sunday 12th February 2017  

Time has come again when the process for coming CSE 2017 starts with notification that is scheduled to come in few days.

As the process begins, many among you will be waiting for this opportunity and would begin foray in to it with a view to emerge successful.

Among many factors that influence the outcome, I have listed 3 questions an aspirant need to answer before commencement of Preparation-Plan.

Last Update Monday 13th February 2017

Civil Services Examination: What is adequate time duration for an effective preparation?

On Thursday 7th July 2016  

So, approx. from 1 year to 3 years’ time period is required for sound preparation for Civil Services Examination.

An important thing to remember is that to succeed and even to survive this long selection process, in addition to talent, you need strong resolve and commitment.

Last Update Saturday 3rd December 2016

Civil Services Examination: Should I commence serious preparation immediately after completing 10+2 ?

On Sunday 18th October 2015  

There is enormous craze for Civil Services Examination and for youngsters, career in ‘Civil Services’ is top-of-mind. Common question many teenagers ask is “should I commence Civil Services Examination preparation earnestly immediately after schooling?”

Last Update Wednesday 27th July 2016

Civil Services Examination: Fortune Favours the Brave

On Tuesday 29th March 2016  

The unpredictable nature of Civil Services Examination sometimes gives a feel that ‘Luck’ plays a major role in success.

Life is such where stroke of luck influence your prospect and same can be attributed to all life-changing events and this is one such action that will shape your future.

Last Update Tuesday 19th July 2016

Civil Services Examination: A giant Examination that is getting bigger each passing year

On Tuesday 2nd February 2016  

A huge gamut of youngsters is flocking in every year for this examination eyeing a few hundred posts, every year but, in recent years, increasing number of posts and some relaxations in Age have made the environment more challenging.

Last Update Thursday 4th February 2016

Preparing for IAS; be open to learn from experiences of others

On Saturday 28th March 2015  

Civil Services Examination requires long-term planning and has so many areas so cover. While preparing, you look for advice on various issues from people you trust. You should always note down and make a data base of the references to which you can turn up to if you need support and assistance. If you are in habit of making note of activities, it is fine; but, if you don’t start it immediately.

Last Update Saturday 28th March 2015

Preparation strategy for IAS 2015

On Thursday 12th December 2013  

The Civil Services Examination is about thoroughness and exhaustive coverage and assessment is based on originality, core focus and presentation techniques which determine where you land up.

Last Update Monday 23rd March 2015

Civil Services Examination: Integrated approach need of the hour

On Monday 9th December 2013  

As the Main Examination 2014 are over; we have seen second edition in new format. These give us a clear idea about the trend and nature of questions asked in General Studies as well as Optional Subject, I hope everything is almost settled and it will help in devising an effective preparation-plan for the coming Civil Services Examination 2015.

Last Update Monday 23rd March 2015

Civil Services Examination 2014: challenging as well as tricky

On Monday 9th December 2013  Civil Services Examination, a complete package of Status, job-security and satisfaction attracts lakhs of young men and women every year to fulfill their most cherished dream. This is a big examination and the door it opens is much bigger.
Last Update Monday 30th December 2013

Emerging new face of the Civil Services Examination

On Wednesday 25th September 2013  With some radical changes hitting Civil Services Examination, the impact of these reforms is noticeably visible. Candidates are facing a completely new paradigm and the traditional factors impacting the success are no more in focus and many candidates have started believing that ‘luck’ is the biggest factor that plays a vital role in selection.
Last Update Wednesday 25th September 2013

Civil Services Examination: Integrated approach for preparing General Studies

On Sunday 21st April 2013  In the whole Civil Services Examination plan, General Studies has become the most significant constituent. Be it Preliminary Examination, Main or even Personality Test, the information you pick has a vital role to play. For an effective preparation, candidates should formulate some tactics that make preparation sound and strategic.
Last Update Sunday 21st April 2013

Civil Service Examination Preparation Strategy: Long-term Planning

On Sunday 15th March 2015  

It is tough; no doubt about that. For the candidates planning to take a plunge in coming 1-2 years’ time-frame hope some of the suggestions listed in this Long-term planning would help them to plan out a strategy of their own. Instead of trying, gaining awareness by taking 1-2 attempts, prepare meticulously so that you achieve success in your first attempt and that too with high ranks.

Last Update Thursday 2nd April 2015

Civil Service Examination Preparation Strategy: Short-term Planning

On Sunday 15th March 2015  

This is big examination that requires long-term planning. But, there are few candidates unaware of requirements, commence preparation just before notification is out.  At the same time, there are some talented, capable candidates who start a little late due to some valid reasons still, put in hard work and dedicate fully towards preparation. For all these candidates, an effective short-term strategy can help them handle this difficult task effectively.

Last Update Sunday 29th March 2015

IAS Preparation: Manage it better

On Saturday 16th January 2010  

You keep on getting new ideas, suggestions and comments. Make a note of all these and include it in your plan, if find useful.

Last Update Friday 13th March 2015

Civil Services Examination: It is still massive and awe-inspiring

On Friday 7th January 2011  Certainly some significant changes have been introduced recently; still, the Civil Services Examination is both challenging and demanding for the candidates as it requires them to demonstrate the dedication towards it.
Last Update Sunday 1st June 2014

CSE 2013: Be open to opportunities

On Thursday 4th October 2012  In absence of any clarity about the proposed changes at Main Examination level, the best strategy is to concentrate on your study-plan and continue preparation till UPSC does not speak about the kind of changes coming in and when these are going to be implemented.
Last Update Thursday 4th October 2012

Getting the basics right for IAS 2013

On Wednesday 3rd October 2012  A look at syllabus, past years’ papers and after discussion with other candidates who have appeared earlier, you will realize you have a task in hand which requires you to manage time with proper planning.
Last Update Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Looking at Civil Service Examination 2013; It is time to commence your preparation

On Tuesday 11th September 2012  Recent CSE result trends reveal the fact that in addition to fresh candidates, the recent change at Preliminary Examination level have brought the career in Civil Services on the horizon for many talented and professionally qualified youth and has given a new life to the dreams of many youngsters to give it a try.
Last Update Tuesday 11th September 2012

Can we presume that changes at Prelims will ultimately justify changes at Main Examination?

On Friday 17th August 2012  UPSC has successfully implemented the changes at the Preliminary Examination level and talks of changes at Main Examination level are also under consideration. But, the question is that are the changes introduced at Prelims level can shape the origin for changes at Main Examination level.
Last Update Friday 17th August 2012

Make your Civil Services Examination Preparation handy

On Tuesday 12th June 2012  Civil Services Examination is into a new orbit now. A lot of talented and highly qualified candidates are eyeing this space and making new moves to prepare for it within short period and many of them are making it possible while continuing their jobs even.
Last Update Tuesday 12th June 2012

Mains 2012: give more preference to Reality than Perception

On Sunday 10th June 2012  In Civil Services Examination, perception is a strong pointer and a lot of candidates get influenced and take decisions which may or may not suit them. These decisions may relate to their optional subject choice, coaching institute they join, books they read…
Last Update Sunday 10th June 2012

Can we say result of Hindi Medium candidates is not good?

On Saturday 26th May 2012  The Hindi medium result in Civil Services Examination 2011 is not that encouraging; at least looking at top 100 successful candidates list. Is it indicative of any future trend?
Last Update Saturday 26th May 2012

Main Examination 2012: Look at the immediate requirements

On Wednesday 23rd May 2012  As the focus shifts to Main Examination 2012, you need to change the outlook and the way you studied for Prelims. You need to adopt extensive study plan any approach has to be analytical.
Last Update Wednesday 23rd May 2012

Performance of Hindi medium has not been that great in CSE 2010

On Thursday 2nd February 2012  If you analyze the Preliminary Examination 2010 result, as far as Hindi medium candidates are concerned, it does not paint a rosy picture.
Last Update Thursday 2nd February 2012

How much time would be adequate for Civil Services Examination Preparation?

On Tuesday 20th December 2011  The ‘back to basics’ approach adopted by UPSC, in recent examinations has forced the aspiring candidates to change their view about Civil Services Examination preparation.
Last Update Tuesday 20th December 2011

People say Public Administration is the safest optional subject for success in Civil Services Examination. Is it so?

On Wednesday 7th December 2011  Agreed, Public Administration has become most popular optional subject and has produced maximum results. No doubt, it is a very good subject and has relevance to the job in question. But, it is a fact that it has no seal of assurance for success.
Last Update Wednesday 7th December 2011

Learn to manage it better

On Sunday 7th August 2011  Make a proper schedule and check periodically to see which all have been attended to and update it with new concerns if any.
Last Update Sunday 7th August 2011

Will these changes help some candidates who are preparing for Management or Banking Exams?

On Tuesday 12th April 2011  A balanced and well-knit bouquet of questions from each constituent is expected in question papers in coming Preliminary Examination 2011.
Last Update Tuesday 12th April 2011

Always read what you trust

On Saturday 16th January 2010  
Last Update Saturday 16th January 2010

IAS! Civil Services Examination!! No-no, not me!!!

On Saturday 3rd December 2016  

Civil Services Examination is a craze; still, many myths and wrong notions surround this examination sometimes forces many talented and deserving candidates to give it a pass.

However, this examination is both challenging and demanding; still, it is within reach of the candidates who demonstrate complete dedication towards it.

Last Update Saturday 3rd December 2016

Some myths rather established beliefs do the damage

On Tuesday 12th June 2012  As such this examination is surrounded by a lot of myths and wrong notions and as a result, a lot of youngsters are afraid to even touch it. Still, those who show courage to prepare for Civil Services Examination confront some established beliefs which sometimes result is wrong decisions.
Last Update Tuesday 12th June 2012

Literature of Languages: again a fresh wave of craze

On Friday 25th May 2012  First it was Literature of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Pali etc. producing good results. Recently, in CSE 2011 result, it is Pali Language that has made this entire Literature of Languages look superior again.
Last Update Friday 25th May 2012

Myths and wrong notions: Dispel all these to come closer to Success

On Friday 15th January 2010  Some frequently asked questions which candidates ask relating to Civil Services Examination
Last Update Friday 15th January 2010

Facing some hitches in preparation for Civil Services Examination 2017; A bit of Advice

On Saturday 25th March 2017  

During the long preparation period, sometimes unpredictable nature of this examination proves to be a barrier.

Besides, there can be many impediments that too with no valid reasons as most of us are guilty of a few activities that sometimes, produce obstructions.

Last Update Saturday 25th March 2017

Civil Service Examination: Unveil The Secret Of Success

On Saturday 3rd December 2016  

For success in Civil Services Examination all you need to be passionate about success making diligent efforts to convert dreams in to reality.

Efforts in right direction, perseverance and focus on the goal are substantial qualities that help you reach the destination.

The best way to achieve success is to formulate an efficient plan that guides you throughout the mission.

Last Update Saturday 3rd December 2016

IAS! Civil Services Examination!! No-no, not me!!!

On Friday 1st January 2010  This examination is both challenging and demanding for the candidates as it requires them to demonstrate the dedication towards it.
Last Update Friday 1st January 2010