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     Civil Service Examination  2015
     Roll No.:  0000123
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    Marks Obtained

    Total Marks Marks Obtained
    Essay 250 139
    General Studies I 250 88
    General Studies II 250 96
    General Studies III 250 112
    General Studies IV 250 106
    Optional I (Medical Science) 250 144
    Optional II (Medical Science ) 250 142
    Total (Written) 1750 827
    Interview 275 173
    Total 2025 1000 (49.38%)

    Success Plan

    Artika Shukla, a medico got the right advice and direction from her brother Dr. Utsav shukla, an IRTS officer of 2012 batch.

    For Artika, IAS Toppers interviews were a source of great motivation. Interview of Gaurav Agrawal (AIR 1; CSE 2013) was particularly very inspiring

    Optional Subject: Medical Science

    Basis of selecting the optional subject

    • It was her graduation subject,
    • Had interest in it
    • Already familiar with it

    While making final choice for optional subject, your interest, confidence and level of proficiency in the subject matters

    Number of Attempts: First Attempt

    Time Management: Managed time by dividing time between static and dynamic portions. Dynamic portions should occupy largest chunk of time.

    Also optional subject should be given 2-3 hours each day after Prelims

    The secret of her success: Hard work, self-confidence and blessings of elders

    Driving Force: The diversity of scope in civil services, the opportunity to work for the underprivileged and to touch the lives of many people


    • Read the basic books.
    • Solved about 30-40 test papers from different coachings.
    • Was regular with current affairs


    ‘Negative Marking’ : No blind guesses; only educated guesses


    For Main Examination:

    • More time was devoted to preparation of dynamic content.
    • Greater time given to optional subject
    • Practiced answer writing regularly

    Interview Questions

    I built up my confidence and conviction.

    Interview Board: Mr. Vinay Mittal

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